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Get UnPlugged!

UnPlugged is a poetry night set in an intimate space, where voices carry without the use of microphones.

UnPlugged happens every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at Global Essence, located at 111 s. Jackson St. Albany, Georgia.

Patrick Jenkins, owner of Global Essence, where UnPlugged is held is a horticultural artist whose store is filled with art, trinkets, imports and wares from all over the world. The space that he has created provides much fodder for the creative mind. Poets, musicians, dancers, vocalists and lovers of art, alike come to enjoy the passionate expressions at each session of UnPlugged, but also for the ambiance of the location.

With the lights low, background music set to mumble and love in the air, each poet in their turn takes their place at the front of the crowd and shares their work. Be it a poem, vocal performance, musical interlude or combination of the three, each member of the audience and performer becomes privvy to the sometimes funny, often emotional, always powerful work of each artist.

The evening begins at 7:30 PM and ends at about 10:30 PM.

It’s free, but donations are greatly appreciated and help us to continue to provide appetizers, seating and beverages at no cost.

There is also an opportunity for “2 minute plugs” which are opportunities to plug products for sale, community activities, or personal ventures that the community should be aware of.

Poets and writers are provided with a listing of scholarships, awards and grants that they can apply for. The hope is that we can assist each other in developing opportunities to gain income through our work.

For more information, please call or contact me, Tannur Ali via email at: Shewrightz@aol.com
or call:


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3 thoughts on “Get UnPlugged!


  2. James Malphrus on said:

    When and where?
    (Dates & Address)

    • Wow… What a miss. sorry about that :-I I’ve added it to the post. To answer your question: Global Essence, 111 S. Jackson st. Albany, Ga Every 1st and 3rd Monday at 7:30pm

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