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What is Lover’s Lyrics?

Considering that Albany Artists UnPlugged is a column in which I feature local artists who are serious about their work, and moving forward with products, ideas and events that will help to enrich our city, I wondered if it made sense to feature an event in itself.  I decided it must be so.  The great thing about featuring an event is that more than likely there will be a number of artists I’m able to inform you about performing at any given event.  I also decided that since I’m so excited about my own upcoming event, this would be a great one to start with.

Picture this:  You walk to the second floor of a building downtown that you may have never even thought to enter.  When you arrive at the entrance to the show, you are greeted by the sultry voices of AcoustikMoney and Karena Michelle, singing love songs from today and decades past in harmony with the band.  “The band?”, you ask?  (We’ll come back to that).  Scents of romance waft through the air.  There is food, catered by It’s Your Time Wedding and Event Planners.  Moe’s is bartending, and has on hand a pink tap and a red tap if you’re brave enough.  Live, nearly nude models are being painted with body paint; But not just any body paint.  Latex body paint is applied artfully by D’town Arts Coalition member, Durrell Smith and Albany State University Art student, Shequila Taylor.  You catch their silhouettes out of the corner of your eye.  Angela Mitchell, visionary painter and mosaic artist is over in the corner with an airbrush gun, tattooing a heart with an arrow through it on some smitten young lady’s arm.   Jewelry from Silver City glitters.  And once you begin to acclimate yourself to the ambiance, you see a familiar face, or two, or three and it becomes clear:  Downtown Albany really IS coming alive!  You buy a raffle ticket at the door to participate in the drawing for door prizes.  These door prizes though, are not like any other gift baskets that you have seen at a poetry show (or any show, for that matter).  These door prizes are generously packed, and sponsored by The Adult Toy Box which I’m sure you know has something special for everyone, as well as Global Essence, which will help to create a sensual  mood for you when the show is over.

Lover’s Lyrics Erotic Poetry Night is the name of the show.  I know that here in Albany the word “Erotic” scares a lot of people off.  This is not your hole in the wall dollar bill strip show.  Lover’s Lyrics is an upscale, sensual, sensory experience.   How nice will it be to enjoy an adult experience that is delivered with taste and class?  We have prepared for you, a seamless show for which No expense has been spared.  From the performances to the décor, food, art and door prizes, each aspect of the event will be a treat.  How much fun will it be to find out about one of the most beautifully laid out salons in the city, in a forte most salons do not have the facilities or ambiance to deliver.  Living Legends salon is Albany’s contemporary cool space.  I encourage you to come and see what it’s about.

And now for the band…  I can only speak on this topic as a person who loves music and beautiful sounds.  I am no professional.  I know that the past 3 rehearsals have been in my living room, and so I will tell you that I have only had compliments from my neighbors.  (And not one complaint!)   I think that says something when the guitar, keyboard, bass and microphones were plugged into a huge amp and the drums were kicking at 8:00am.   Karena Michelle, the vocalist who will be setting the melodic tone for the night has a vocal range rarely heard.  Her attention to detail and insistence on quality covers, creative renditions and bright, beautiful attitude will make it a night you won’t forget.

Finally, I want to give you all an introduction to a longtime friend of mine, Taj El.  Taj and I met in Philadelphia at Panoramic Poetry at the October Gallery.  He will be traveling to Albany just for this event.  Taj is one of those poets who use words as though they are physical play things.  He makes you see his vision, he makes you feel his inspiration, he makes your lady remember how deeply you love her and he will give your man a hint or two about how deeply to love you.  Taj will be performing throughout the night with and without the band.  I could try to describe his poetry to you, but I won’t capture the eloquence, so instead I’ll tell you this:  Tickets are on sale at Odyssey Records, The Adult Toy Box and Global Essence.  Ticket prices are as follows, and for more information or to offer sponsorship, email Tannur Ali at Shewrightz@Aol.com.

Advance Individual Tix:                $10.00

Advance Couples Tix:                     $15.00

@ The Door Individuals:               $15.00

@ The Door Couples:                       $25.00

(“What is Lover’s Lyrics?” was originally published in The Albany Journal Newspaper on February 8, 2012)

By: Tannur Ali



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