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The Run-Down from Lover’s Lyrics

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For several weeks we prepared for Lover’s Lyrics.  I called on my close artist friends to help me make it a success, and they were absolutely on top of it.  I needed someone who would run the music part of things, who did I call?  David “AcoustikMoney” Barnes.  He hangs out at the music store and makes a point to meet and mingle with other musicians.  He found our bass player, Robert Galbreath.  Sean Mulkey is a friend and fellow member of D’town Arts Coalition and kills on keys.  Tinsley Page is a student at Albany State and plays the drums like you and I walk or run.  The vocalist, Karena Michelle was referred to me by Durrell Smith, artist and member of D’town Arts Coalition.

I needed photography and videography to happen so that we could document how awesome it is when Artists work on one accord towards something beautiful.  The model for the body painting was the beautiful and elegant Jennifer Dyson.  vendors were Silver City and Moe’s Bartending.  I called Treesy Cutts of “LetsGo Robo Inc.” for videography and Urijah Spencer of “Papaya Ink.” for photography.

The featured poet of the night, Taj El, is a close friend of mine from back home in Philly.  He was the whole reason I decided to move forward with making plans.  You see, Taj had been saying that he was going to come down to Albany to visit, but I didn’t believe him.  finally he called me and said that he was buying his tickets and wanted to come out to UnPlugged while he was in town.  He asked if we were doing a special show for Valentine’s Day… I said “No.”  And then it occured to me that the show that I’ve been designing mentally for a few months was about to happen!

I thought about locations, and the perfect place stood out to me.  I want people to attend events in businesses all over downtown to find out about what’s being offered here that most people miss.  Living Legends Salon was perfect because of the size as well as the ambiance.  It’s not every salon that can host a major poetry event without much ado.  We owe a huge thanks to Tosh Sevier for his appreciation of the vision and provision of the space.

I am not going to talk too much about the show, I just want you to know that the response has been overwhelming!  I am looking forward to planning the next Lover’s Lyrics 2013!  enjoy the pics and leave a comment or pic of your own from the event.  And don’t forget, Lover’s Lyrics is a special presentation of UnPlugged Poetry by Shewrightz.  Come see us at Global Essence (111 S. Jackson St. Albany, GA) every firrst and third Monday at 7:30pm.

DVDs of the show will be available for purchase on March 15, 2012.  Proceeds from DVD sales will go towards the Shewrightz trilogy book collection.


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  1. Tiffany on said:

    I would like to take some portraits. When you get a chance please contact me….thanks in advance

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